Join our Chai Club make a difference ...

At Chabad we are dedicated to increasing the level of knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment of every Jew. All Chabad programs and services are designed to raise awareness and provide valuable information about our heritage and traditions. Each person is invited to explore the complex areas of Jewish tradition, encouraging him or her  to participate and study,

Join the "Chai Club" and make a difference ... The "Chai Club is a group of friends of Chabad Recoleta which aims to meet the educational needs of the Jewish community.

"Chai" is synonymous with the Hebrew word for life (has a numeric value of 18). In spiritual terms, the number 18 has a special quality of life. By joining the club with an investment of $ 18 you will become an integral part, a solid base.  And In this way help to sustain the life of Jewish education, community development and provide for people in need.

There are no preconditions needed for doing a good deed. The good deeds we do transform ourselves and the world around us. A little light dispels much darkness.

You can now become our partner in this worthwhile effort. Your membership will help us to continue grow our programs for children, holiday celebrations, study groups and conferences, volunteer work, public education, among others.

You are free to select the amount of the contribution. As l long as it’s in multiples of Chai - Life = 18 such as $ 18, $ 36, $ 54, $ 72 ... we can generate an automatic monthly debit on your credit card. You can always increase or decrease the amount.

It's easy, convenient, and really makes a difference! The Chai Club –
 Join in and make a world of difference!